i used to hold his counter, got in at around 54c, took 1 round of 4c dividend but got out at 68c.
normally, my preferred holding time is mid to long range.

however, when i saw the 2-3quarter earnings of this company, i figured that it was unlikely to sustain an earnings to be able to pay out 4c this year.

true enough, eps whole year dropped and dividend cut to 2c, and the price retreated accordingly. minus this round of dividends, it might go closer to 60c. if its unable to keep up to its previous 4c dividend, the yield would be too low for me.

i know some people mentioned that LKH has enough reserves to pay out 10years of 4c dividends annually if it wished. however, its unlikely to do so. it will unlikely use its reserves to pay out dividend, rather it will pay out a …