This is a follow-up post to my earlier post on AutoWealth : My AutoWealth Experience : The Best Robo-Advisor For Index Investors?

The interest and response to my earlier review on AutoWealth robo-advisor far exceeded my expectations, which was why I’ve decided to add on a little bit of information to what I’ve shared earlier.

SAXO View-Only Client

As explained in my previous post, ETFs in my portfolio are kept and held in my own SAXO account as part of my account opening with AutoWealth. AutoWealth simply executes the trades for me. Because it is pretty much a standalone SAXO brokerage account, I get all the features native to SAXO independent of AutoWealth.

For basic users, they probably only log in to their AutoWealth account to see the aggregated information (transactions) available for them.

For advance users who are interested in the nitty gritty details and whether the front-end UI …