Remember the good ol’ days where we could get a cone of $0.50 vanilla ice cream from McDonald’s’ around the neighbourhood? I do, those were some golden times.

I also recall when my brother and I tore out McDonald’s coupons that came in the mail, stashing them away in our wallets just in case we needed a quick $2 Fillet O’ Fish fix after school. But, $2 isn’t the kind of price we can get at Mcdonalds these days, the most basic meals available are value meals at $5.

What astonishes me most is the price of Mcdonald’s new-range, special burger meals today. By this, I mean the new buttermilk crispy chicken selling at $9.50 per meal, the classic Angus cheese at a whopping $11.50 that doesn’t even come with an upsize, and the $9 prosperity feast during Chinese new year. Breaking the tens in prices really makes a statement — Mcdonald’s