Excellent question.
I’m surprised I’ve never written about this before. It just never crossed my mind.
Suggested by reader calvi.

There’s a number of ways I’ve looked at this.

Ok straight off, I’d say, our initial plan is not to have kids.
But currently, it’s a bit up in the air.
I still don’t really want kids, but my wife has been pretty influenced by seeing all her friends have kids.
Ok so here’s the story.

I don’t dislike kids.
Actually I do pretty well with kids. I find them very remarkable beings intelligent and cunning. And they learn very quickly how the world works, like how to manipulate their parents/grand parents, and a whole load of other stuff. I find kids very intriguing.

However, like most other aspects about life, I ask myself, WHY do I want kids?
I may like kids, and find them interesting.
Like I may like a premium car and find them appealing, but I may not …