How do you know when stock investing has become a part of your life?

I can’t say for all. But, to me, if your mind is proactive in hunting for stock deals as you go about your day, then I suppose stock investing has become second nature to you.

For instance, yesterday, my mom asked me to grab a loaf of Gardenia bread before heading home. For most, Gardenia bread is just bread for breakfast or a light snack in the afternoon. To me, however, Gardenia bread is more than just food — it could potentially be an investment idea I could profit from. Instinctively, two stocks popped up in my mind that are associated with Gardenia bread:

  • QAF Limited: the manufacturer of Gardenia bread which is widely distributed in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.
  • Scientex Berhad: the manufacturer of the plastic wicket bags that Gardenia bread is packed …