There is difference between part-time and free lance jobs. Auntie8888 is working on 3 half-day part-time and Uncle8888 is working on 8 HWW (Hours Work Week) and free roaming across the island of Singapore in MRT trains and buses with plenty of walking up stairs and escalators.

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Part-time workers by Law still entitled to pro rated annual leaves, medical leaves and medical benefit e.g. $10 claim per consultation visit. They still need to apply for annual leaves for absence from work and needs boss’s approval.

For free lance jobs; there are no annual leaves and medical leaves.

For any absence from work, we just need to notify job co-coordinator to arrange for job covering. No approval needed!

Many of us may not like our full-time job with tough KPIs thrown at us by our bosses. How about part-time or free lance jobs?

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