To begin with, I’m not someone that has a good command of English.

Through this journey of using blogger as a platform to jot down my thoughts, I’m really thankful and fortunate to learn from many wise seniors along the way. While I do not consider myself as a blogger or writer, I’m heartened that some readers enjoy my post.

It’s really encouraging to receive emails from readers as well as comments from various seniors around that educate me through their series of informative articles and comment.

Recently, I’ve chanced upon a pretty significant amount of ‘fake news’ lurking around the various social media platforms to social influencer and even to bloggers.

This reminds of a post by STE earlier in February this year about fake news.

Here’s a snapshot of STE’s blog: 

Source: STE’s Stock Investing Journey
Indeed. I thought to myself.

While I do not know the real idea behind some blogger’s mentality towards …