I think many people have noticed or may be interested in my/our portfolio.
But I don’t write about it.

Why? You may ask… it’s supposed to be interesting right?
I should write about it to share right?

You see… to me, my portfolio is not important…
Why? Sounds ridiculous? How can by portfolio be not important?!?!

You see… Using my expense in March

Let’s look at just me.
Cos putting my wife’s numbers in just clouds the numbers cos of her work.
Fixed expenses are $680 (rounded up) divide by 2 = $340
(can’t be bothered to adjust for the difference in handphone bill)
Car is removed.
Discretionary expense is just the red portion divided by 2.
$350 (rounded up) divide by 2 = $175
So my personal living expenses is around $515 per month.
I haven’t counted my holidays and all that, maybe I need dental treatment, etc…
So let’s just say I double this amount as a “sinking fund” to balance out the whole years …