There is some change in Tax Regulations that on first glance, will affect 2 REITs listed on the SGX.

Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust (LMIR), an Indonesian Retail Mall trust that provides a 9.4% dividend yield, announced that the Indonesian Government passed certain amendments to the regulations regarding payment of income tax on income received or earned from land and/or building leases in Indonesia effective from 2nd Jan 2018.

This means if you are like LMIR, which received or earned from land or building leases, there will be a 10% income tax on the gross amount of the land value and/or building leases.

Previously, property owners such as LMIR are not liable to pay this tax charges, as its paid by LMIR’s tenants to a third party operator. This third party operator does the maintenance services for LMIR’s properties, such as cleaning and maintenance of utilities. The third …