This is the first part of the credit card rebate shootout series.

We have recently gotten credit cards to handle expenses post-marriage as we foresaw the need to pay attention to those incurred from our expected regular spending and big ticket items. Prior to that, my wife and I playfully debated which card(s) would best suit our lifestyle expenditure.

She was particularly keen on Standard Chartered’s Unlimited Card for its unlimited 1.5% cashback. While impressed of the card’s utility, I myself was leaning towards studying all the other compelling cards out there to target and maximise cashback/rebate based on the nature of our expected expenditure.

Hence this inspired my write-up to do a comparison. Who would win? (Pardon the meme haha)


Spending categorised based on cards benefits and general expected spending with reasonable accessibilities (e.g. Groceries for select reasonably accessible supermarkets) during the month. Intending to get only 1 of these cards for monthly …