Reader says…
Wa!!! Your CDG HUAT AH!!!

Blog more about it lah and we can HUAT more!!!

Many thanks!!!

AK says…
I am sure I do not have any influence over prices.

Have you looked at SingTel’s share price, to be fair?

As investors for income, our job is to decide if an equity is right for our purpose and if its price is attractive enough for us buy in.

For examples, in 1Q 2018, I added to my investment in ComfortDelgro at under $2.00 a share and SingTel at under $3.40 a share.

I had no idea how the prices would move.

After buying, most of the time, we simply wait while we get paid.

We only act if Mr. Market decides to continue selling cheap (i.e. at prices we would not sell at) or if Mr. Market decides to buy from us at prices we would not buy at …