Before I go into the main topic, I will like to clarify some queries on Fundamental Scorecard website.

People had asked if Fundamental Scorecard requires users to key in any data?

I like to use this opportunity to clarify that THE ANSWER IS NO! Fundamental Scorecard website’s data is already pre-loaded. Eventually each counter will have its own report with the scoring from the pre-loaded data. You do not need to key in any information!

Ok…back to the main topic.

M1 Limited (aka M1) just released its Q1 report this evening.

Basically, revenue and net profit remains flat.

But I like to bring reader’s attention to the following 2 slides:



Cost of Goods Sold

If we compare the revenue between Q1FY2017 and Q1FY2018, Mobile Services had increased from $137M to $141M. Fixed Services had also increased from $28M to $32M.

Then if we compare the Cost of …