Just btw fyi.

Sold some DGD a while ago.

Yes, my previously most bullish position that I have shit tons of.

+225.93% profit in ETH.
Lowest lot sold was 202% profit, highest was 336% profit.

Why am I highlighting this?

In Jan I said that : “To be completely frank, I have almost no ETH. I spent it all buying DGDs at ridiculously cheap prices. Stupid move? We shall see about that soon. After DGD finally makes it move and it is no longer cheap, I will continue stacking ETH.

This is me doing just that.

I’m not abandoning DGD. I still have a lot of DGD left, but I decided to rebalance my portfolio because my DGD position had ballooned too big. This is a happy problem of making too much money. The ETH gainz were too sick to resist not banking some profits.

200-300% returns …