About a few weeks ago, I decided to take an evening jog to Punggol East and indulge myself in some Popeye’s chicken after the run. I stuffed two $10 notes in preparation for the sinful meal.

However, after the run and meal, when I cycled back and reached home, I realised that I only had coins left in my pocket. The other $10 note was missing. I probably accidentally dropped the other note when I was digging into my pocket to pay the cashier. (Er hem…  btw the Mrs doesn’t know about this incident)

So how do you think you would have reacted if you were me?

Cycle back and retrace your route to find the $10 at 9pm? Be pissed off with yourself? Or brush off the whole incident?

The author believes that there is no point being all upset about it and offers a few suggestions.

His …