Today’s topic which I am going to talk about is the Singapore Savings Bond (“SSB”). It is a type of government bond that is fully backed by the Singapore Government which makes it one of the safest instruments to invest in. 

There has been chatter around it due to the upcoming May issue which sees a historical high of 1.65% in its 1-year interest rate. But just how good is this current issue in terms of interest rate, as compared with the previous ones in SSB’s history? 

As we now have more data collected since its first tranche launched in Oct 2015, we are able to analyse some of its trends and characteristics over the past 31 months. 

Interest Rates

For better comparison, I have divided the historical SSB interest rate data into 5 different duration groups as follows:

Short Term Rate : 1-year-rate Short-to-Mid Term Rate : 3-years-rate Mid Term Rate