I just finished reading “Turning cents into dollars (small change book 2) by Goh Eng Yeow.

This is a compilation of articles written by Mr Goh Eng Yeow into a book.

Below are some of the contents from the book – to remind myself:

(1) Doing good brings goodness
Compassion is a two-way street. Those touched by compassion will reach out to help others. Indeed, many go beyond donating money or goods to adopting charitable causes, giving generously of their time to teach poor children or help out at an old folks’ home.
Our lives would be assessed, not based on dollars, but on the people whose lives we have touched.
It is an affirmation that what goes around comes around. By doing good, we will be rewarded with goodness.

(2) Knowing when enough is enough to get by
Being wealthy is not necessarily about having lots of money. Rather, it is about holding plenty of cash,