Even the IMF Head understands that there are good stuff about crypto.


1) Fast and inexpensive financial transactions
2) Self-executing and self-enforcing smart contracts eliminates the need for some intermediaries
3) Secure storage of information (ability to give permissioned access to confidential data)
4) Increases asset ownership rights in places with subpar record keeping

Admittedly, she did come out with another post a month ago about the negatives of crypto, it is clearly obvious that the IMF have been studying virtual currencies quite intensely.

One important point that I find her post missing, almost on purpose, is regarding that view that (at least the legit ones) virtual currencies are a form of private money, which is free from government intervention. The monetary policies of these currencies are fixed and abided by, and they can, and (in my opinion) probably will be a superior form of money and store …