I find it quite interesting that being an unambitious loser is a problem.
I mean… I really don’t care and I really love to identify myself as one.

I get comments especially from my mum about my current lifestyle. She doesn’t say it straight out. But she hints at my lack of ambition and idleness.
And usually, I get agitated.
Somehow I have this expectation that she’d understand and leave me alone.

And basically that’s what I want. Just for people to leave me alone. Or I will leave them alone.
And that’s really simple with friends.
Most of my friends don’t bother about my lifestyle. Or maybe it’s cos I’ve selected very few people whom I classify as friends. And for people who don’t understand me. Or they can’t keep an open mind that other lifestyles exist, I just leave them alone. And it’s really easy to lose contact with people.

And it’s very easy to filter …