Exuberance is back in the air. Twitter is filled with “Alts are back” meme’s. After a painful start of the year, the last 2 weeks have been a welcome change. The newswires have turned positive and more importantly there were some regulatory steps announced. These are critical for main stream adoption and getting the necessary regulations passed on a government level. Listed below are some of these pieces of news and stories this week.

Approaching $400bn Marketcap

Let’s break down how quickly things have turned around over the last 2 weeks. To give some context we started the month at a marketcap of around $250-260bn. 

Every rally seemed to be short lived was quickly stopped before it gathered any momentum. That all changed on the 13th of April when bitcoin clocked in record volume. 

This jump represents a 50%+ jump in marketcap over the last week.