Recently, over dinner, I’ve been brought to attention when one of my colleague express interest towards investing.

Hence, being a curious listener and a little excited, I couldn’t hold myself to ask more.
This is one of my first time seeing a young person in real who’s interested in this topic and having goals.

Surprisingly, another fan of Robert Kiyosaki!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki We were chatting about some daily stuff before hearing this.. a house is a liability and we need to escape the rat race. This instantly rings a bell right in my head – Rich dad, poor dad…..

“I’m interested to get some investment before my savings is eroded by inflation and is looking to buy assets”

As a curious audience.. I asked: What type of asset are you looking to get? Property?

“Nah. Property is a waste of money. It’s a liability”

Another fan of Robert Kiyosaki I thought.