I was at a stage where I was unsure if insurance endowment plans are really that bad for wealth building.

So I crowd-sourced from friends, family members, relatives their past matured policies. And I put them in one nice article.

The summary is shown above.

While the duration is different, the pitch by agents are different, the amount of premiums are different, if we compute the internal rate of return (XIRR) of the stream of cash inflows and cash outflows we can compare against each other.

So a reader was thinking of purchasing this AIA SmartRewards Saver.

I told him I cannot added it to this list as it hasn’t matured yet.

This list only shows the real results not the projected ones.

However, I can value add to him to calculate the projected rate of returns based on what the insurance company pitched.

What AIA SmartRewards Saver is About