I just had a conversation with a fellow freegan. It was quite interesting cos it gave me some fresh perspective.

I think many of us know that cooking at home isn’t really cheap. In SG, cooking at home is about as expensive as eating out. But usually we get better quality stuff at home and it’s healthier.

But for freegans, we get a lot of our food for free. And I’m really happy with it. Cos I get free food and I can cook it. And you know what they always say, free food just tastes better.

But during my conversation with my freegan friend, she says she doesn’t get much additional happiness from eating free food.
And that baffled me…. I was like… HUH???

And she said. Yea free food doesn’t really make me happier, furthermore, most of the food I get is raw.
And once again I was like… HUH!!!
Raw is War.
That’s the best …