Today is the day MAS releases the result of the SSB allotment for May 2018 SSB.

MAS has raised the issuance size from S$150 million to S$200 million earlier this month, in response to the higher demand for SSB.

The first time SSB is oversubscribed is during the 1.55% January 2018 SSB issue, which it was briefly oversubscribed by S$22 million. This was the best interest offered by SSB till this month’s tranche.

The second time happened last month when it was oversubscribed by S$111 million, which is when MAS decided to increase the issuance size to S$200 million.

Now, today, for May 2018’s SSB issue, it is oversubscribed by S$321 million or 260%!!

Take a look!

Source: SSB Seems like finally, SSB is getting some support from the public!

Indeed, I felt that the interest rates offered by May’s tranche are really attractive at 1.65% for the first year and 2.39% average return per