There’s a couple of vids on freegans and what the freegans do…

The first one is done up by a couple of NTU students for a project.

The 2nd one is by CNA.

And the 3rd one is by NUS.

It’s interesting cos… Based on how it’s presented, freeganism can be made to look better or worse.
It can look shady or above board.
Dirty or clean.

And yet, it’s all the same thing.
But perceptions will change due to the presentation and will attract or repulse people.

It’s the same as marketing. Put 2 same items side by side with different packaging and prices. People will just think the more expensive one is the better quality item.
Unfortunately, human brains are wired as such and we can be so easily fooled.

Anyway, if you have the time, have a look thru the videos and comment on how each one makes you feel.
Cos… You know… We ARE trying ways to improve …