You and I we tend to be optimistic about the future.

That is not a bad thing in general.  However, this optimism might easily develop into “wishful thinking”.

Too much “wishful thinking” will be harmful to you and your money.  You might be awful at managing your money when you have never been able to predict what the market will do next.  Still, this doesn’t deter you from trying to predict what the market will do next.

I am not suggesting that you turn into a pessimist straight away.  That would not be meaningful in a world where far more people wake up in the morning, trying to make the world a better place than wake up thinking we’re all doomed.

Rather we should avoid blind optimism and strive for flexible optimism – optimism with its eyes open, wide open. If you cultivate that kind of optimistic mindset, it will significantly increase your chances of health, wealth, …