After 3 years of hard times, the property sector in Singapore has finally gained some traction this year. According to Urban Development Authority (URA) of Singapore, the private residential property index for 3Q2017 has increased by 0.5 percent. It was the first increase that could be seen after 15 straight quarters of decline in the property market.

Property development companies with launch-ready projects that could be rolled out in the next 12 months are expected to ride on the market upswing with improving demand. Hereby, I shortlisted 3 property development company that would have a bright prospect in the near future.

  1. Oxley Holdings

It is an international property developer with a diversified portfolio, including property development, property investment and project management. Headquartered in Singapore, Oxley Holdings has its business presence across 12 geographical markets such as Singapore, UK, Ireland, Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan and Myanmar. Oxley has stakes …