Sunningdale share price has been dropping sharply for these past few days from the average price of $1.90 on the 2nd April to $1.27 as per yesterday closing price (about 33% drop).

When the share price of a counter i am holding has been moving drastically up or down in a short period of time, i will have to reassess my thesis in the company (my based will only be on the fundamental of the company for long term hold):

(1) The sustainable business model attracts me to own this company for longer term,

(2) Solid balance sheet, consistently generates cash flow in the business every year,
(3) Consistently looking for improvement operation costs either by consolidating its under-performed plants in similar locations or adding new plants to those area which are able to bring more efficiency to their operation costs,
(4) Year to Year comparison on business performance on Revenue, Gross Profit, Net …