Someone threw the million-dollar question to me at a recent Q&A session: When will the market crash?

As they said, the answer ranges from imminent to most likely to happen in these two to three years. All markets have cycles, ups and downs, booms and busts, peaks and bottoms. Nothing can escape this, be it the economy, equities, properties, bonds, currencies or commodities.

Investing is taking a roller coaster ride blindfolded

The investment world is no different from an amusement park. You pay the entrance fee, step inside and have fun. There are shows to watch, games to play and prizes to be won.

The most popular attraction that no one want to miss is the giant roller coaster. The ride has ups and downs, upslope climbs and steep falls, sharp turns and unexpected twists – all the drama and thrills that we lack in our monotonous daily life.

Every time