Have you ever browsed Facebook and come across an ad like this:

How to make $2,967.82 Online Income In One Day (PROOF Inside)

“We only have $1,300 left in our accounts… How are we going to survive?”

That was what my partner, Marvin, and I were constantly in fear about when we were back in university.

We had ZERO knowledge, ZERO technical skills, and ZERO work experience.

How were we going to find a job?

We decided that we didn’t want to be living in constant fear of getting fired by our bosses –

We wanted to be in control of our own future…

And that’s when we discovered the power of eCommerce!

I’m not going to lie to you…

The first few months of starting our own eCommerce business were bad.

We would get a sale one day, but then zero in the next few weeks.

We didn’t …