Mention minimalism and one of the first few things that comes to mind will be the aesthetics of it.

Many associate minimalism with lots of white, or perhaps monotone, Bose speakers, Apple products, and the list goes on.

So does minimalism equate a curation of luxurious products?

Yes and no.

I tend to think that if you focus on minimalism, the aesthetics will follow naturally. 

And not because you go all out for a minimalist design, you are a minimalist. Because clutter will eventually find it’s way back in. 

A few months ago, a commentary titled “Is a minimalist home the route to personal success?” was published by Channelnewsasia.

One of the lines caught me – “A clean, simple and uncluttered home leads to a clean, simple and successful life – or so the general message apparently implies.”

Generally, I agree with the first part, a clean, simple and uncluttered