Aites, this is me, back in Nov 17:

The stock market is a ridiculous shit show for the last few years that I had been forced to play with. I hated playing it, but there was no other game in town…. that I knew of. 

Insane valuations for so many stupid companies. SNAP FREAKING CHAT? TWITTER? GO “CAMERA ON A STIK” PRO? I can’t even. It’s an insult to my intelligence. The whole US stock market is an entire joke. 

GMGH Nov 17 

How’s things going now?

To be fair, Twitter is chugging along fine. I’ve always hated camera-on-a-stik for quite a while already though, posting this as far back as Nov 2015. It’s so stupid, I can’t even. Just millennials that own a Gopro buying into their stock with their salary thinking that they are now savvy since they invest. Meh.

Looks tasty? I don’t …