This is one of the few chapters in the book that resonated really strongly with me.

Counterproductivity is a natural phenomenon that counteracts measures/behaviour that attempt to raise our productivity.

Cars increase our transportation speed but we are staying further and further away from our workplace. Computers, emails and smartphones make us more productive at work but we are spending more and more time on them.

The most classic case of counterproductivity in personal finance is painstakingly setting aside cash into a saving account that yields 2% while servicing debts at >10% interest at the same time.

This concept of counterproductivity is familiar to Singaporeans. Well, a little crude, but heard of LPPL? (Do click on the link for a hilarious yet Singaporean example).

Here’s 2 recent examples for further illustration.

Example 1: Starting Fixed Deposits & Endowment Plans When You Have Not Maxed Out Your Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB) …