Recently, Spackman Entertainment has fallen close to its 52-week low, bottoming at 0.078 before its recent bounce up to close at 0.087 on 11 April 2018.

This gives it a market capitalization of $60.26 mil. The company has recently swung back into the black with its FY2017 earnings of $3.985 million.

With that, our article today seeks to answer the question: “Is Spackman going to turnaround going forward and is it a bargain at this current price of S$0.087?”

Before that, let’s dig into its corporate profile.

Spackman Entertainment Background

Spackman Entertainment Group (SGX: 40E) develops, produces, presents, and finances theatrical motion pictures in South Korea and internationally.

The company business also includes the following (summarized in own words):

Distribution of its films in other media forms (e.g. Cable/Broadcast TV, IPTV etc) Ownership of a professional photography studio (noon pictures Co., Ltd) Advertisement and advertising agency services Management and promotional