From 1st Apr to 31th Apr, my crypto portfolio went up 48.8%.

To be honest, +48% in Apr is rather weak. Most other players in the space would’ve probably seen much larger gains during this same period. But then again, I did outperform during the crash, so it makes sense for my portfolio to bounce back less during the recovery.

And yes, throughout this massive crash, not even for a second did my portfolio go close to touching my capital value. For most part of it, I was comfortably coasting in the triple digit % profits.

However, on the bloodiest day itself, I saw my % profit dip to levels not seen in quite a while. That was the sign for me.

I leveraged in.

That leverage position is doing extremely well. If I close that position right now, I’ll be pocketing 5 digits profits.

But I’m both …