About 80% of the Singapore population live in HDB flats. And a large number of us lived in 4 room HDB flats.

HDB flats form the basis of the government’s plan to ensure that the population have affordable shelters.

It is debatable whether the HDB is a way that they wish for us to build our wealth. The late prime minister Lee Kuan Yew have said in past speeches this is the case. This was reinforced in the 1990s by Goh Chok Tong and then eventually by minister Mah Bow Tan.

I see 4 room HDB flat as the most functional unit to start a family.

The 3 room flat have 1 less room, and logistically not ideal for a family. Ideally, people would go for a 5 room flat due to the additional space. However, if you are cost conscious, or wish to stay in an area that is …