I don’t know about everyone else.
But I have a pretty bad habit.
That’s always looking at the future.
I always think, “what’s next?”
And that’s not very good. Cos it prevents me from enjoying the present.
In recent years, I’ve started to be more chill about “what’s next” in life. So I’m trying to living more day to day.

The thing is, I find that, that’s what most people do.
Most people have a rough line up of what life has to offer and they just follow the road and just live day to day. Not many people plot a direction and push towards it.

So I see a lot of people… after school, they know they have to work. That’s a given.
And they work and expect to work til 60+. They don’t think about retiring early or anything. They don’t even think about retirement. They just work.

And in between, they may want to find a partner …