This is definitely one of the most useful chapters in the entire book.

In many aspects of life, doing or even ascertaining the “right” things is notoriously difficult. However, the “bad stuff” to avoid would receive almost universal nods. Therefore, there’s alot more utility to be gained from eliminating the downsides.


Should you follow the Healthy Plate recommendations from the Health Promotion Board or maybe you should adopt a Keto diet and eliminate carbohydrates from your diet?

Maximum of 2 eggs a day? Or even up to 4 is alright? And are fruits a healthy snack or are they simply too sweet?

All of the above are debatable but I reckon there’s consensus on reducing or even totally eliminating these stuff from your diet:

  • Processed snacks like Snickers and potato chips
  • Sugary soft drinks
  • Refined carbohydrates like white rice and pasta
  • Deep fried items like fried chicken wings