Recently, the acronym FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) pop-up quite regularly in the Personal Finance Blog Community as well as group chats. Looks like everyone are catching “FIRE” everywhere.

Personally, I am not into this FIRE thingy in its strictest sense as I do still believe in contributing to the commercial/business world, be it as a capacity of employees or otherwise. This bring me to the topic of today’s post, which is the evolution of employee. In fact, all I wanted to share can be found in the following picture, it nicely summed up the “Past” and “Future” of employee.

So, regardless what you call yourself and whether you are already “FIRED” or not, do look into way to continue to contribute to the commercial/business world in whatever capacity you deemed fit.

Also, for those of you said that you wanted to be “FIRED” so that you can …