< BACK TO MAIN BLOG 9th May 2018 Turning finance into boba-sized pieces. One iced milk boba tea, please! You can contribute your thoughts like Cherie here.

Coming from a typical Singaporean family like myself, money or investments can be quite the sensitive topic.

Or we felt we were never in a position to educate our parents on financial literacy because them being older = more experienced.

Or maybe you do not know the Chinese words to Regular Savings Plan, which is 定期储蓄计划 (dìngqí chúxù jìhuà).

We found something to save the day, there is an investment talk coming up next week! They have workshops in both English and Mandarin if your parents or even yourself is more well-versed in Mandarin. Most importantly, it is FREE OF CHARGE!

It is Singapore Investment Week 2018 hosted by SIAS.

Haven’t heard of SIAS before? Don’t worry me too, so I did the hard