We have this obsession about the best.
Provide the best for our kids, what is the best investment, the best charkwayteow, etc etc…

And you know what… all this is pretty much rubbish.
Not everything is quantifiable.
It’s pretty easy if you’re talking about athletics.
Who runs faster is the best… assuming no performance enhancers.

But in real life, this term becomes really grey.

Like when people say they want to provide the best for their kids.
So they provide everything that money can buy, or organic food, or first class plane tickets…
But is this really the best for the child?
How will the child handle life in future?
So WHAT is the best for a child? In what context?

Or what is the best investment?
A lot of people ask for low risk high return… yea right -.-
Everything is risk adjusted for.
Bitcoin would have been a good “investment”.
US treasuries is also a good investment.
‚ÄčEverything depends on what you want for what