Buffet on Bitcoin, “probably rat poison squared.”

Munger on Bitcoin, “Disgusting” “Stupid” “Immoral” “Turds”.

Gates on Bitcoin, “Pure greater fool theory type of investment” and “would short it”.

Warren worshipers, now is the best time to show them how much you trust them and have learnt from them.

Do what your subconscious Buffet ball-holding inner self is telling you to do.

Short Bitcoin.

Yes, you can actually short Bitcoin using the CBOE futures contract, if you were not aware that legitimate financial products for Bitcoin now exisits. And this is on top of all the CFDs available.

Put your money where your mouth is at.

You know what they say:
No guts, no glory.
No brain, same story.
Come and trade against me. Profit from my arrogance and delusion.
What are you waiting for? A red carpet?
All these people saying that Bitcoin …