The recently Toronto attacks by a single man on women illustrates the danger of involuntary celibates to our modern society. If you have been following this blog, I write about about the rise of the useless caste – Video gamer males who do not participate in the labour and marriage markets. Involuntary celibates are a different archetype. Incels are angry men who are upset that they are being ignored by women or “Staceys” who prefer dating what incels label as jerks.

One of the root causes of involuntary celibacy among males is demographic policy. China is now ticking time-bomb because their rural areas are full of men who cannot find a spouse  thanks to the ago old practice of aborting female fetuses. A nation of millions of Incels is definitely not a safe place for our daughters.

But there is another reason for the rise of Incels.

Hypergamy is the …