While Warren Buffett is over-represented in investment literature, the willingness of many gurus and trainers to channel him goes beyond belief. Invoking Warren Buffett in an investment lecture has almost become something akin to religious ritual. It creates instant credibility for the investment trainer even though in Singapore, he is not likely to be Warren Buffett.

( It’s ridiculous right, it’s like me quoting Xiaxue to get her readership figures.)

There are two instances in investment literature that show that such locally approximated “Warren Buffett” approaches might end up leading retail investors astray.

a) Quants have started figuring out the secret sauce of the Buffett technique

John Alberg and Michael Seckler in an article entitled Misunderstanding Buffett talks about how Berkshire Hathaway’s returns can be replicated using factor models. A combination of value, quality, low beta and…. the liberal of leverage of up to 1.6x can allow a …