Since young, I’ve always been taught to be frugal.
My family, we had some money, not a lot, but probably better off than some Singaporeans.
But I’ve always been taught to be frugal, cos we aren’t really rich.
So I always taught that I was frugal, cos I don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Seems logical right?
I don’t spend much, cos I don’t have much money to spend.
So I think twice, trice, before I decide to buy any item, product, toy, food, etc etc.
And I always thought maybe IF I had more money, I’d be less frugal/stingy. Maybe I’ll buy stuff to pamper myself more…

Over the weekend, I accompanied Daniel Tay, founder of Facebook’s Freegan in Singapore to scout out someone’s home. He was invited to call upon other freegans to help the owner declutter the house.
So I accompanied Daniel over to scout out the place and see what kind of stuff …