Wow, I have another 6 subscribers in the last 2 days. Thanks for your support! It is already motivating me to pen this blog in the midst of an extremely crowded MRT train rather than watch my movie on Netflix … LOL

Yesterday was another great day for my dividend purse. Both Asian Pay TV and Netlink Trust declared dividends – 1.625 and 3.24 cents per share respectively . They represent dividend yields of 13.7% and 5.6% on an annualised basis. Including these dividends, my Q2 yield will be pushed up to 2.0% of my portfolio and Q1+Q2 to 3.2%.

I am as happy as a lark now.

I am sure many of the SG investors are familiar with both companies. Asian Pay TV has its business in Taiwan and is like our “Starhub” minus the mobile. Netlink Trust is the infrastructural backbone of our high speed broadband network in …