Years ago, I went to a pub for a small get-together with a group of mates. After some pleasantries, a friend of mine signalled for a waitress to order a round of drinks. I, however, am not a drinker and had absolutely no idea which poison to pick.

So when the waitress asked what we’d like to drink, my mates went, ‘Kronenbourg!’ ‘I’ll have Conner’s.’ ‘Asahi Super Dry for me.’

When it came to my turn, I hesitated before saying, ‘Erm… I’ll have a Carlsberg.’


My friends exclaimed that was soon followed by a burst of laughter.

‘Come on, Ian. Of all the beers you can possibly order here… you choose Carlsberg?’

They ribbed me further and insisted I change my order and give Asahi a try. I was then given a detailed lecture on beers by my mates and why Carlsberg is …