So I recently went to high tea buffet as mentioned in one of my previous posts.
The treat cost $108 after discount for the both of us.
We sat there from 12pm to 5pm and effectively ate lunch and dinner there.

And so as I sat there, I wondered.
I spent $108 on 4 meals. (2 people, lunch & dinner)
What is $100 worth?
What can $100 buy and also how long do people take to make $100?

So as I sat there spending $100 on 4 meals…

$100 can be used for 5 weeks of my utilities. I use around $80 for a month so $100 should cover slightly over a month.

$100 can buy me around 3 weeks worth of petrol after all my discounts and coupons.

After discounts, $100 could buy me a steak dinner for 2 at Lawrys. (I’m not sure about the pricing now)

Alternatively, I could buy 2kg worth of ribeye or tenderloin from Giant …