Been busy enjoying life so this update comes late. Let’s see how aligned my life has been this year…

Priority No. 1: Mental and Spiritual Health

 – Meditate at least 3x a week

Going great.

– Think about death once a week

Not so great. Still thinking about death on an ad-hoc basis. Need to really set aside “thinking of death” time, as morbid as it sounds.

 Priority No. 2: Physical Health

– Get at least 7 hours of sleep per day

Going great.

– Low-carb lunches on weekdays

Going great.

– Drink a glass of water every morning

Not so great. I forget about this most mornings. Need to find a way to habitualise this.

– Train at least 3x a week

Going spectacular!

– Practise yoga at least 2x a week

Going great.

Priority No. 3: Relationships

– Spend as much quality …