This week all eyes are on Mahathir Mohamad after he won the Malaysia General election. While Singaporeans are concerned about any possible change in infrastructure projects with Malaysia, the Chinese have more reasons to worry.

During his election campaign, Mahathir already emphasized repeatedly that he will re-exam all China-linked projects in the country. Is Mahathir a threat to China’s investments in Malaysia?

In this podcast, we will discuss:

1. Which China investment projects are at stake now?

– How much has China invested in real estate and infrastructure under ‘One Belt One Road’?

– Which projects are likely to be under scrutiny?

– What will happen to High Speed Rail and East Coast Rail Link?

– How did Mahathir criticize Forest City?

2. Why is Forest City at the centre of controversy?

– What is the background of the Forest City project?

– How serious is the overbuilding problem in …