My utility bill came couple of weeks back.
As usual it hangs around $75-$85.
Last month, it was $77.89.
So I didn’t bother taking a look at it more closely.

Today I had another look.
In the usage graph, I’m always aware that I’m under my neighbour average and national average.
But I never thought about what the numbers meant…

I got a bit curious and decided to tabulate the numbers just for fun.

Now please note, I did a simple linear estimation for the numbers in yellow.
This is NOT accurate. Actual numbers should be MORE than my estimates, cos the more utilities that is used, the more expensive the next tier cost will be. 

The numbers are eye boggling.
HOW do people use so much power??? Approximately 68% more.

I’m not someone who proactively tries to save power.
I leave my laptop on when I leave the house, sometimes I leave the fan or lights on, stuff like these.
So it’s not …